Bellygom NFT

Road Map

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Road Map Guide
※ Opened or minted in the order below.
1️⃣ Bellygom
Genesis of Bellygom NFT ecosystem.
2️⃣ Jelly
Staking reward of the Bellygom NFT and can be used in the Jelly Market
3️⃣ Jelly Market
It is a Web3.0 commerce platform that features a variety of products according to monthly concepts, from everyday products such as L.Point, movie vouchers, fried chicken, department stores vouchers, convenience stores vouchers, and coffee to luxury raffles.
4️⃣ L.PASS
Random box NFT, which contains a whitelist of Lotte Group's upcoming NFTs
5️⃣ Belly Land
The collection of the Bellygom NFT project, next step for expanding its ecosystem.
Land Staking → Jelly Adventure (Mission, Game, Activity, Belly Squad) → Bubble Gum → ?
The roadmap is constantly updated.